The Witch’s Sexual Prison Review: An Enchanting Evening

The Witch’s Sexual Prison is going to appeal to a very specific subset of gamer, and even then, only within a smaller subset of THAT subset. That being said, it knows the audience it’s appealing to, and it does the job very well.

If you don’t like Femdom, this is not the title for you.

To be clear, this is an H-game, and it pulls no punches in dialogue or visuals. If you’re a fan of Femdom, feet, BDSM, or even a bit of puppy play, this one is going to really hit the notes of what you’re looking for. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need a patch for any of the content. It’s explicit from the start. That’s something I wish more companies would do – there’s nothing more frustrating than either having to pay for the 18+ content on top of the original purchase, or to have to navigate to a third party website to download the patch. (It’s inconvenient at best, and in some cases, I genuinely worry about the integrity of the companies that do this.)

Like seriously, I can’t emphasize this enough. You really need to like Femdom.

The music is exactly what you’d expect from a title like this – it doesn’t add anything, and instead simply fades into the background. It’s not awful, but it’s definitely not a highlight. That’s not really a negative mark, but it’s worth noting. The sound effects range from decent to somewhat off-putting, though your mileage is going to vary here. The voice acting in particular is very solid, especially considering this is an adult game, however. But the real strength here is with the CG’s, which have a polished and consistent anime aesthetic, and are definitely worth your time and money on their own. (Especially if you’re into femdom or feet.)

You should also at least be okay with cock and ball torture as well.

The writing is very good. I encountered very few translation errors or poorly-worded sentences. You definitely CAN find them, but it’s not the laughable crap that a lot of companies shovel out. It doesn’t read like a machine translated title at all. There’s multiple endings to be found if this is your niche, though judging from some other reviews, the quality and satisfaction will vary from person to person, as far as opinions on any individual one.

In fact, just be ready for anything, okay?

Either way, however, this is yet another very solid and earnest title from Playmeow, and they’re really showing why they’re a leader in the adult market with this solid release. If this hits your niche, you should absolutely buy it.

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