Idol Hands Review

Idol hands is a Casual, Lewd, Simulation, RPG. You are an indebted entertainment agent looking for your next big buck to pay off those debts. That’s when an ex-member of an Idol named Wakari who was expelled due to lewd video of her was leaked, seemingly comes in at the right time. 

She needs you for your contacts and expertise to make it big, no matter in what manner. And you need her to raise money to pay your debts. Together hand around “head” I mean hand in hand you both work and grind your way out of the massive holes the both are in.

Start Small

As her manager, you find ways to bring her in tip top shape to perform to her best regardless of the various jobs you are able to find for her. Starting off as a livestreamer where she does live streams of her singing, dancing, running a talk show, working out or even playing in a sitcom in order to build up her fan base, raise money and bring more exposure to her for better paying jobs. You would also need to juggle Passion, Feelings and Fatigue. Keeping her passion levels high will result in Wakari raking in more income per job. Making sure her Feelings in high and Fatigue low is paramount for her to complete jobs outside of live streaming.

The Right Shape

As Wakari live streams, it will train her up and improve her stats such as Singing, Dancing, Speech, Fitness and Acting. The higher her stats are, she will gain more attention and it will open up more of your contacts in the industry who are willing to work with her which pays her better and gains fans faster than her live streams.

These contacts can range from offering her singing, acting gigs and will also open up other contacts such as one where she can buy better equipment for her livestreams in order to gain more XP or open up more livestreaming categories or simply boost her skill.

Her stats can also be further improved by sending her to training camp for a price as well as bringing her out to the department store to buy outfits that will further boost her stats. Dates are important to her well being as it helps increase her Feelings and Passion.


If you’re mostly looking forward to the NSFW section bits of the game, it is safe to say that there’s plenty of it, as the game’s core concept is set on it with the simulation and RPG aspect working around it. The early game can feel grindy, but after improving Wakari’s stats, the game will open and it does help with releasing all the tension of leveling up with encounters that will reward you with a number of lewd scenes that are very well voice acted with good sound effects, if you get my drift.


What’s good about Idol Hands is there’s enough for both sides to be entertained with, the sense of progression as you work on or in Wakari is rewarding enough to provide a happy ending for both types of players.

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