VillageRhapsody Early Access Review

VillageRhapsody is a Farming and Life Simulator where you are the newest inhabitant to a rural town that is suffering the consequences after a mining accident that claimed some of its villagers.

You’re Smart You’ll Know What To Do

In a simple rural town, you stick out with your level of education compared to the other reasonably educated villagers. Which is why the chief and other villagers take it to you to help out with their various plights.

Even Animals Need Help

Trying to be a useful new villager, this takes you around all the places of the town and areas in your bid to fulfill all their requests, be it from adults to kids to even “animals”. As with farming/life simulators, the request you get from the villagers primarily pertains to fishing, farming, mining and all along the like.

Do-able But Not All At Once

Every villager in the game will have a request or two for you, not all of which will happen concurrently but rather some will only trigger after you’ve completed a quest or milestone. Most of the achievements for the game are tied to quest completions for the female villagers barring a few. All of which are achievable if you play the game to completion. 

Click To Finish The Job Faster

At the start you will unlock some basic tools such as wooden axe, pickaxe through quests. Better versions of some of the items can be bought or will be unlocked through quests which will help expedite some of your manual tasks.

Napping Helps

This is important as you have a limited amount of energy to carry out your farming, mining and collecting tasks. A better pickaxe will use less energy and will take less time to mine. To replenish your energy, you can nap till night time which will regenerate half of your maximum energy. 

Carried To Bed, Just Like Good Old Times

Running out of energy will prevent you from running or working. Sleeping to the next day will have you back to full health. The good thing is once the time reaches 12 midnight, it will spawn you back to your home with full energy, no matter where you were the previous night.

Working The Crops

To start farming the various crops you may need for your quest, you’re mostly visiting the shop in order to buy the seeds you need. After planting them, you’re required to water them once a day or else they will not grow a day or two longer depending on the amount of day/s you didn’t water them. 

You’ve Struck Gold!

At the start most of your income will come from mining. If you’re lucky you’ll get a gold ore once in a while to sell off so you can buy stuff that you may need. The ore you mine can also be sent to the carpenter to craft items for you. Fishing works as you’d expect.

No Worries

Gameplay-wise VillageRhapsody is the run of the mill well made farming simulator but on the simpler side. Your watering can carry unlimited amounts of water, your equipment won’t break, you don’t have stats to worry about.

Looking and Sounding Right

Visually the game is of good quality artstyle. During the dialogue sections, the art brings it up to a higher level of its aesthetics. There’s a slight animation during the adult scenes, of which are very well drawn and are partially voice-acted (i.e. the moans and slurps and such). 

The Seed Has Been Planted

The main reward for completing the quest for the female (human and non-human) villagers are adult scenes. With a mixture of various positions with nothing too crazy. During those scenes, you have a choice of a close-up and non close-up view, this is solely for the non-story related scenes. Which you have two positions to view and the climax happens after some time has passed where you’ve built enough “steam”.

Final Thoughts

VillageRhapsody though simple in its gameplay, it plays well from start to finish (apart from some minor mistranslation). With a silly story to boot with a well made artstyle especially for the adult scenes, it is one that will be enjoyable for those who are looking for some casual farming sim together with a good variety of adult scenes thrown in to spice up the interest. 

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