Sunny Beach Dolls Review

In its current state, Sunny Beach Dolls is quite average. While I was hoping for some quality behind the underwhelming previews and screenshots, you get what you see… some unlockable scenes that could have been uploaded to a porn site.

This game is currently in Early Access, so I won’t be too harsh on it. There are some unexplored features that might end up making this game much more enjoyable. There’s a free roam mode, but I couldn’t do anything except walk around a room and turn the lights on and off. You can customize both characters, but currently it just involves what state of undress you want to see them in. One of the girls has a second outfit, the other doesn’t.

There’s no back story, but you play as “master” who is some guy that likes 80s sunglasses and escorts. Unlocking scenes in this game is easy. You watch one, then the next one unlocks. Unfortunately, everyone in this game resembles a mannequin. The animations are stiff and repeat every few seconds, until the climax where one of the characters spazzes out for a bit.

Some better character customization would take definitely elevate the experience. While I wouldn’t expect sliders for facial features or body parts, it would be cool to at least change the girls’ hair color or be able to pick between a few different presets.

That’s Sunny Beach Dolls in a nutshell. It wants to be a sandbox free roam sex-capade, but its currently just a clip viewer packaged in the form of a game. Its not horrible, and if they continue to improve upon it for six months as stated it may be well worth your time. As it currently stands this has just entered the early access process. While it isn’t the naked blockbuster we deserve, there is still time for the developers to make this much more enjoyable. Right now I would hesitantly recommend purchasing and would advise you to wait for either some meaningful updates or a decent sale.

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