Robolife-Days with Aino Review

Robolife-Days with Aino is a Hentai Visual Novel by Barance Studio. You play as a student in a world set not too far in the future filled with androids particularly female androids. Lets be honest, we all got this game because of the female androids did we not? Therefore, there are plenty of it in this game.

This is not your typical visual novel, it has it’s own gameplay mechanics. You can pick what jobs to send Aino on based on how much income she will earn, how it will progress you towards the ending you want and the likelihood of her completing it based on the gear you have her equipped with. You need income to buy gear and progress towards graduation, the better the gear Aino has, the tougher jobs she can perform, in turn earning more cash. In addition to the main story routes, there are a handful of side quests with their own stories that lead to some additional h-scenes between your protagonist and Aino, as well as providing inspiration for some high quality equipment but you won’t have time to complete it all which makes for better replayability.

I very much enjoyed the visuals, it’s not the best I’ve seen but you can still tell that the developers put in a fair amount of effort into the art style and the result is quite charming. As for the H-content, RoboLife seems to have a strong focus on verbal abuse and femdom, but the H-scenes offer a little something for everyone. There are a couple hilarious scenes as well, especially the one involving a washing machine, so if you don’t mind a little humor in your H-game then you will enjoy those too. Finally, if you’re an achievement hunter, they are quite easy to obtain so there’s another plus for you.

Overall, Barance studio has done a fantastic job, I recommend Robolife- Days with Aino if you want to play a visual novel unlike any typical ones you’re use to or if you just like laser vajayjays. For this price, it’s a no-brainer.

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