Orc Massage Review

Orc Massage had been “coming soon” on Steam for a long time now, and after playing the final release I was a bit underwhelmed. Everything feels a bit rough around the edges, although keep in mind this game has not left early access yet and what it does right it does well.

There isn’t too much story here… there’s a quick setup and a quick after story. Just enough context to keep you from being confused. It’s brief but it’s sufficient. The page transitions are a little awkward. The scenes fly off screen like a comic book, but they feel as if they need a little polish. The character models are all really good, but some of the animations are stiff or shaky. The music is merely present, and doesn’t add or take away anything from the game.

The tutorial is weird. I felt like it didn’t properly explain the mechanics of actually giving a massage. I still had to use some trial and error, which is frustrating because you are graded with a point score. The button says to hit the space bar to massage, yet that didn’t work. I was able to click the massage button that has a big blinking space bar underneath it… stuff like that just really threw me off.

Couple that with the fact that I wasn’t terribly excited to sex up these animal girls and we have a very mixed bag here. I think an update that polishes existing content coupled with some customization of your prospective clients are both much needed.

Does Orc Massage show promise? Absolutely. Did it live up to my expectations? Probably not. An additional year is expected for remaining development time. As it stands, I would recommend waiting for either a sale or more content. This is a pretty cool game being worked on, but currently it is too soon to tell if it will be worth your money.

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