Machine Ruin Self-Destruction Masturbation Life of the Sky Temple Review

What a name. I don’t know what Machine Ruin Self-Destruction Masturbation Life of the Sky Temple means, but the game is exactly how it looks in the screenshots. There is a story behind this madness so let me explain. The world was destroyed by a demon king, who was subsequently vanquished. Since the planet is now inhospitable, Nagi has no choice but to live in his castle. She discovers a nuclear masturbation machine that can restore the world, and well you can imagine how the rest goes.

Props to the machine designer. This developer had lots of spare time to concoct devices no man has dared to dream of. You start off with a bare bones machine, and as you use them you collect “orgone” which you can spend on upgrades and new parts.

The main character isn’t very customizable, and the gameplay is basically a sex toy workshop. It was interesting to try out, but even with the myriad of upgrades there isn’t much to do besides add parts, turn the machine on and then watch. I’m not sure what else anyone might expect, but the game starts and ends at the machine.

The translation is horrible, but thankfully the text precluding the actual game is very short and frankly unnecessary. All menus and options are perfectly understandable in English. While it won’t detract from your experience, they could have taken a little more time here.

Apparently some content was cut from the Steam release, which was probably necessary for it to pass Valve’s review process. However unfortunate, I wouldn’t blame the developer or the publisher. There’s still plenty here to mess around with, and I can’t imagine a few omissions making a big difference.

A character editor would have been nice, but other than that I didn’t have many issues. VR mode is present, and even in 2d mode all in-game menus exist in 3d space. If you logged on to Steam today looking for a 3d customizable rotating mechanical masturbation simulator, welcome to the future.

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