Lost: Find Review

For the price of a Big Mac, Lost: Find gives you a desktop pet, a challenging and meaningful puzzle game, some plot driven cut-scenes, and of course naked ladies. To my surprise, all areas of this game were decent. While you won’t be voting for this game in next year’s Steam Awards, it does a pretty good job and has a few tricks up its sleeve. I have multiple monitors, and all the pre-game stuff loaded on my secondary monitor. Keep that in mind, as I had it turned off and initially thought the game wouldn’t start.

First off, the game starts off with a girl that pops up on your desktop. She watches your mouse move around and occasionally engages in broken English small talk. Before I jumped in, I noticed that she has nearly a dozen unlockable costumes. She also has a busy mode where she’s typing away at some virtual keyboard, a naughty mode where you can do questionable and rude things to her, and finally a mode where you can just tell her to shut her up and do nothing. After I figured out how to navigate her menus, I jumped into the next game mode.

The puzzle levels are placed around a world map, which also cleverly appears on your desktop. Once you select your level, the game loads full screen. Each level consists of tiles, and enemies that you can only dispatch from behind. Your goal is to navigate the map and kill everything on it. There is no turn limit, but you must follow a pattern to win and herein lies the challenge. If you like a good puzzle game, this will put you to the test. I did find some levels a bit extreme on cerebral side, but thankfully a kind soul has already created a guide to assist when you inevitably get stuck.

There are certain checkpoints that, once passed, unlock lewd scenes. There is a fair amount, and their quality is nothing to complain about… just make sure you’ve installed the free DLC to see nakie. There are different puzzle modes, and some good looking cutscenes are present to advance the not-so-important story. My only complaint is the translation, and in this game it isn’t terribly important. I would rank Lost: Find top tier in its price range and its an easy recommendation.

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