SaiIn Rhythm Review

Beats and boobies. SaiIn Rhythm has you play as a 30 year old virgin who is suddenly given the power to drop panties on command. And this power is bestowed upon you by an angel, no less. It sounds ridiculous, so how does it play?

Like most lewd games on Steam, its okay. The game starts under the context of a visual novel, explaining away your hopeless existence and how you’ve given up on ever getting laid for the remainder of your life. To be honest, this pretext gets kind of old. I don’t consider myself a loser, I’m not a virgin, I DO like to play Steam games and I also happen to like boobies. Maybe I’m not the target audience? Doubtful. Anyways, its fiction, boys…. so I’ll let it slide.

The story is unremarkable but the translation is good… usually. The translator was very proficient in English, but occasionally some of the text just makes no sense. Overall, its much better than the usual machine translation so it shouldn’t be much of an issue for you. They put a good amount effort into the plot, and while its no riveting read, it kept me from closing the game before our beloved payoff.

I don’t know why the rhythm portion of this game was included, but all I will say is you can skip it. The controls were frustrating beyond belief, but if you read the forums it is entirely optional. Yours truly did not enjoy this part of the game and eventually chose to skip.

The naked ladies are the highlight here. The art is really good, and everything is animated. This is where the budget went, and thank god because I was getting a bit worried up to this point. The production value here is much higher than your average $1.99 shovelware game, so potential buyers do take note.

In conclusion, SaiIn Rhythm (that’s two i’s, there’s no L, there should be a space, but I digress) is a decent lewd game. There is a lot of filler, but they give you the option to move past it all and go straight for the sauce. If you like what you see in the screenshots and want to see it animated (they animated everything, really… even dripping fluids wave around in the wind) I recommend you pick this one up.

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