Treasure of Nadia Review

If you’ve been wondering if a quality adult game exists on Steam, I am happy to tell you that Treasure of Nadia is one of precious few. Rising above the endless heap of indecent shovelware emerges this early access title that already harbors the feel of a final release.

Masquerading as a simple visual novel, you are led on a quest to obtain wealth, fame, and become a legendary treasure hunter as was your father before you. As the plot unravels, you are no sooner introduced to the actual gameplay mechanics. You are trusted a home in your father’s will, and it is up to you to renovate it with home additions and decor. In addition to your own personal housing, you are given free roam among the city of Cape Vedra. There is a large variety of destinations to explore, and they all are relevant to the game. Some offer items or equipment for sale, upgrades for your home are available, and there’s even a shop that sells bait and tackle for fishing up side cash.

You are able to treasure hunt from this map, which is how you begin to earn money. More importantly, you can explore and meet your fellow residents and neighbors. This is how the story advances, and as you meet the girls in town you’re able to develop relationships with them. Eventually you will be able to call them to your house at will, and the next action scene is never far off.

Since you are essentially in a top-down open world, you’re free to explore as you’d like. You can follow the main quest or entertain yourself with a special someone as you see fit. The scenes in this game look very good, and they are all animated. They’re great quality and there are a LOT. Between the main questline and the relationships you are allowed to enjoy there is enough to keep you busy for a very long time. The balance between the two is perfect; the adventure questing never seems to outshine the adult aspects, and vice versa.

Being an early access title, there are a few improvements I’d like to see. There is no way to explore its backlog of text, so if you miss a line you have to repeat the conversation in question. The options menu, while creatively unique, can be a burden to navigate as its buried in a virtual cell phone. Despite these very minor setbacks, the core gameplay loop feels very smooth and will definitely keep you playing. I highly recommend Treasure of Nadia and urge you to check it out for yourself, I’m fairly sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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