Only Fuck Review

It is always interesting to see the new innovative ideas that people come up with in the gaming world, and OF – RuRu’s Adventures does not disappoint. In this title you will be presented with a made up website where you are in charge of hosting your very own adult oriented social media page complete with a DM inbox, followers and uploads section.

Beyond the webpage you run, the game is more so a sudoku puzzle generator, with an adult overlay as you will be finding yourself playing sudoku with adult toys instead of numbers for 90% of the gameplay experience. As one who does enjoy sudoku, this was fun, but for someone looking for a different kind of stress relief, may be an unsatisfactory way to be satisfied.

Your page is ran for a 12 week time schedule with each week being made up of 3 games; with that said, after each game, you are rewarded with a new adult in nature image as your reward, which is placed on your posts to generate followers. The amount of followers and income you make is determined by a set if modifiers that you get to choose at the cost of money you earn, so in this regard it is a light resource management game too. Additionally, you’re rewarded with a looping video every other week that will be a follow generator much like your images.

It is worth noting that the music, voice acting and sound effects all do a very good job and are of great quality. Everything feels very polished and cared for, which leads me to the shining star here. The character models used are very very well done. RuRu has had some serious care put into her to develop a very impressive visual character that actually was shocking to me with the level of detail given to her.

Despite being a social media driven game, you really won’t find much character development here or story. This game is most definitely not the type of game you’d want if you were after a deep character arch.

There are lots of games out there currently that are puzzle games with a naughty coat of paint thrown over the top in a very lazy fashion, but this game breaks the mold a bit. OF – RuRu’s Adventures is still one of the games that is a puzzle game at heart, but the developers showed that it does not have to be lazy. There was a ton of love and care that was put into this game, so if you’re a fan of the puzzle games that reward you with lewds, then this is a great addition and more than likely will be one of your favorites.

I do look forward to seeing what comes next as there appears to be a sequel already in the works. Hopefully we see more personal interaction with the creation of the images be it through being the cameraman, or actually some how participating in the actor’s roles instead. Time will tell and I can say my eyes are peeled.

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