Shackles of Ellswyn Early Access Review

Heads up, the sexual content so far is focused on: feminization, futanari MILFS with huge curves, submissive males, femdom, and sort of forceful/rough sex. If you aren’t into those kinks then this game is not for you.

I should also mention that this game is in Early Access and there isn’t a whole lot of content. In fact I went through pretty much all of the options around 10 minutes, but there is potential. So keep this in mind and wait until there is more content but for now let’s look at the game.

Story & Gameplay

As soon as the game launches, you’ll be shown a prologue in which you and your college bro named Evan talk about banging some MILFs. So Evan asks you to be a wingman for getting with this voluptuous teacher at the college. She flat out rejects Evan’s advances which is comparable to BangBros scene dialogue. I mean he literally says that his ♥♥♥♥ is big, but anyway the teacher turns out to be some witch who then teleports you and your friend to some fantasy world like some isekai anime.

After that you’ll be loaded into the main menu screen then you’ll be able to play through what’s currently in the game. I’ll admit that the writing does get way better in the main game since there is actual world building and characters that are much more interesting. Basically you land in a world in which all males have been dead and is currently ruled by elven futanari with thick hips to boot. However, the males in this world have been kidnapped from other worlds and placed under servitude to their futanari masters.

The story is played like any other kinetic visual novel in that there are points that offer you choices that branch off into different directions in the plot. You pick one of these choices and you’ll be set in a route such as becoming a servant of the teacher witch or going straight to the Queen of the futanari, there’s little content at this point.

Art & Sounds

The art in this visual novel is super good, just look at it for yourself. Those curves, those hips, and the guys look handsome too. I also love the design of the futanari outfits, they really do look fantastic and fit well with the theme of a magical fantasy world. The CG so far looks promising as there seems to be one doggystyle scene, one deepthroat scene, and a ball crushing scene. It’s not much in quantity but ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ are the genitals extremely detailed (you know exactly what genitalia I’m referring to) that quality is what makes the game seem promising.

In terms of sounds, the music gets the job done in fitting the theme of the world and certain situations. On the other hand, the voices are lacking and it’s hard to ignore. There are moments in the game when the futanari lets out some sort of grunt or mumble like how Lego games used to do. But then the futanari will say a word or a short sentence that’s fully voice acted. If I’m going to be honest here, I think that the game might as well fully voice act these lines in the future as the grunts sort of ruin the immersion a bit and reminds me so much of the mumbling in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

Other Things

When you start your game at the main menu, you’ll be greeted by what appears to be a self-insert from the devs at Two Hot Milfs. You’ll be given an option of letting them “whisper” to you and answering a few questions from them to see your preferences. To cut to the chase, they’re asking you what kinds of toys you have as well as which dev MILF you’d want to talk to you during certain scenes as they have different kinks from each other. It is essentially masturbation instruction or Jerk Off Instructions that appear at the top right of some sexy scenes. So I heavily suggest for them to implement just full-on voice acting to make it work.


Shackles of Ellswyn shows great potential in its art as well as its futanari on twink action. I would like to remind you that this game currently does not feature much content. So even though I’m recommending the game, it would be in your best interest to wait until more content arrives for it to be worth the asking price.
Have a nice one!

You can purchase Shackles of Ellswyn now if you want by CLICKING HERE.

BUT I would recommend you wait until there’s way more content added onto the game since $10.99 is quite steep for just 10 minutes.

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