R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan Review

R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan is an Adult Action Side-Scroller with a simple 2-button controls for fighting (together with WASD) that has a plethora of R18+ content filled with more fetishes than we have fingers.

Play & watch

While maintaining the 2-button action/fighting controls (apart from WASD for navigation) you are to fight a bunch of monster girls (a bit of guys) throughout a number of levels with varying themes while avoiding (or not) getting hit or you might suffer (or enjoy) the consequences.

2 fingers is all you need

Besides movement buttons, there’s only 2 other buttons, Z for Jump and X for Attacking (melee/shooting). Your character has a double jump to reach higher places, she can also latch onto edges of a platform/wall to scale. She can also hang onto ceilings to reach  onto ropes that are one tile too high for your double jump.

Different patterns

There’s a wide array of enemies you will encounter, even at early stages. Each has different types of attack, patterns and aggro to them. Some may be direct and go for you when you’re close enough, others position themselves before launching an attack on you so it’s not all a walk in the park.

They keep on cumming

There are 3 difficulties, Easy, Normal and Hard, which can be changed in the main menu. Easy has you with almost unlimited lives, Normal has you with 5 and Hard has you on 3. Losing them will result in a game over, which will restart the level from the beginning.  Besides lives, each difficulty has their own modifiers in terms of how hard the enemy hit and such. However, for some reason, Normal difficulty seems easier compared to Easy, where enemies seem to spawn more frequently and give you less time to breathe between each fight.

Out of nowhere

The rough side of the game is mostly how tight things could be, hit boxes seem to not match the item or person size. A rope seems reachable but somehow your character can’t grab hold of it, enemies seem to grab you a few pixels on from thin air and such.

Don’t touch me there, this is my no-no square[

Melee attacks are the part where things start to spice up. Getting hit or when an enemy gets hold of you, they trap you until you button mash to break free. Failure to do so and they will do one of many sexual acts on your character (fingering/”eating”, penetrating etc) which will build up your character’s orgasm meter. Once she reaches the climax, regardless of how much health she has, she will “faint” and “die”, causing you to lose a life. All the scenes are very well animated in their own way.

Everyone’s welcome

All the enemies have more than one method of “hitting” your character’s right spots. Besides the obvious adult rated scenes, R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan caters to those who have more “unique” or specific fetishes that can be simply out there. From Vore (soft and hard) to Tentacles, to Slimes to Furries and possibly much more.

Final Thoughts

So with that all considered, as an action platformer, R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan is alright and on the level of being acceptable and some enjoyable boss fights but with some minor technical roughness. But with the adult bits thrown into it, there’s plenty for you to chew on if that’s what you’re into. Just be ready for the unusual fetishes that are simply out there which cater to a number of very small but specific demographic.

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