One Hell of a Week Review

One Hell of a Week is a Lewd Yuri Romance Visual Novel with you playing as a girl who has nothing going on for her, she hates her job, has no love life or experience in it for that matter. Somehow you gained the pity of Satan who gives you a leg up to kick start your love life but at a huge cost, either you give your soul to him or pay a million bucks should you fail his contract to “help” you.

Keeping Track
You’re sent to Hawaii to make one of 6 girls to fall head over heels for you and marry you within a week. Trick is you can’t tell them of your situation with Satan. To keep track of your progress with each girl, Satan gives you a “special” phone that keeps track of their Lust and Love meter with you.

Juggling Gigolette
You have to spend more time with them in order to increase those meters and hitting maximum on both will allow you to bring the relationship to the next level. Each day is divided into 3 sections, morning, afternoon and evening where you can spend time with the girls, but they are only available at certain times of the day so managing your time well is essential.

Whose Keeping Track?
With this in mind, one would expect a character would reference a time when you missed out spending time with them, however this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, at times if you are spending time with a character but you missed her on a previous occasion, she would reference said occurrence as though you had spent time with her. This interrupts the flow of the game and makes it incoherent when it happens as you are left piecing together the picture of what your game character might have done then, did you leave a good impression or a bad one? Nobody knows.

Being a visual novel, as it tends to rely on its art and story, the artsyle is a hit of a miss. Some scenes are well made whereas some you can see that it’s worked on less, or that the scenes are done by different artists. Thankfully even with some kinks, the story is as silly as you can imagine and makes up for it. The characters are charming, annoying, intriguing, you name it. The main thing is they will give you an opinion and feel for them which is a plus.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted dating sim visual novel with a silly story and some unexpected mini-games to spend the evening with, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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