Neko Candy Shop Review

This title is very straight forward in what it does. It is very adorable and well crafted images of catgirls that have been cut up into pieces, which you have to reassemble. The puzzles are not difficult by any stretch for someone old enough to actually play this game. In it’s current state, I was completely unable to finish it due to the rest of the puzzles not being unlockable.

From the perspective of the point I was able to achieve getting to, the game wasn’t bad. It did exactly as advertised, but nothing more. If I were to give any advice on improving it’s status currently, It would be nice to have a difficulty setting where you would have smaller and smaller pieces to give a bit of replayablity and not to mention actual difficulty. Secondly, there needs to be a bit of refinement with just how accurately the pieces need to be positioned to snap into place because as of now, you can be nearly an inch or so away just to have the pieces jump all the way into their respective positions in the completed puzzle.

The visuals in this game are really well done. The illustrations that the puzzles are made from are very professional levels images with lots of detail. Clearly, whomever did the art is very skilled and has a strong background in anime illustration.

Another point worth making is the music. Although not varied, the music did set a nice calming scene for a game such as this with its very smooth and calm melody. The music you’d expect to be in an environment where one would have to think is exactly what you’ll find here.

At a low price-point, this could be a simple game that a lot of people may enjoy, however incredibly briefly. Just go into it knowing it isn’t going to change the world of puzzle games or anything close to that. However, if you are okay with that, then go ahead and give it a try, but you will finish the game pretty rapidly, such as 15 minutes or so unless more content is added in at a later date.

The content that is here is good, but really will leave the user lacking content to give them an experience worth investing in.

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