Chasing Tails Review

Charm as deep as the snow coating from a blizzard can be found in Chasing Tails. From the adorable artistic approach to the attachment to characters, there is so much that you’ll enjoy in this visual novel. The story was not super long, but there are various branches that will have you wanting to navigate all of the different options to see how things play out.

Front and center for this title is the story. You play the part of a girl coming to a new town, which is a very small population. Your character carries a heavy burden of a troubled past on her shoulders making her quite paranoid and constantly on edge towards people and her surroundings. This quirk is what allows this game to feed and flourish off of, which it does fantastically.

Artistically, Chasing Tails shines. Not only did all of the characters get a very nice artistic touch, but they also are very cute. The style present here was very lovable and I hope to see more of it in the future.

Of course, there are also the adult scenes that are visually well done, but more so I feel that the audio and textual representation of these scenes were the best part during these times. From the games I have scene that fall under this category, this title really has a nice touch to these scenes by not cramming them down your throat every few minutes. 18+ scenes are scattered here and there throughout the story, but it is only a dashing of them that make them feel a bit more significant.

Chasing Tails is a tale that you will really enjoy. It has it’s own unique take on story telling and a really fun premise. From feels to laughter to fear, you’ll find all kinds of emotions here. This is a must have for any lover of visual novel titles.

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