Living Together with a Fox Demon Review

How many times have you wished you could have your very own foxgirl living in your home? Well, now is your chance! In Living Together with Fox Demon, you find yourself upon a foxgirl demon in need of your help. So, what are you waiting for?

The plot intro quickly dives into getting your new life started with your new companion. She is not only beautiful and irresistible, but very innocent. From nursing wounds, to sleeping with you because she is scared, you’ll find your new friend constantly by your side. The plot takes twists and turns along the way as she gains her health back and learns what it is to have feelings for you, which you will have a few indicators to reference her attachment and mood to you… very handy.

This is ultimately a visual novel styled game so the story takes stage front and center. So, with that in mind, it is a good anime fueled story. Any kind of anime lover should enjoy this kind of story and fully enjoy the ride. As one could expect with anime translations, from time to time things can get choppy, but it is nothing that cannot be figured out by rereading a line or two. I had no trouble figuring out the errors and moving forward towards the next parts of the story.

While you’re building your relationship through walks, petting, and other activities, you will see various backgrounds, which I really enjoyed. Artistically, this game is very well done and seeing lots of variety in the background was nice. Of course, the backgrounds aren’t the focal point. The characters are very nicely done as well, so you’re in for a real treat with the anime styled illustrations you’ll find here.

Considering everything I have seen from this title, if you are an enthusiast to anime styled visual novel games, then you will enjoy this game.

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