My First Furry Review

My First Furry is an adult themed puzzle game. You are shown an image, then the picture is split into squares and your job is to piece them together like a traditional puzzle. The pieces snap into place when they are near their correct location, which alleviates the problem of each piece missing any identifying shape like a puzzle piece would.

My first reaction was that this game needs some work. First off, the UI is not pretty and feels like it was quickly put together using 90s clip-art. There are no user options except to toggle the sound on/off and a fullscreen button that doesn’t work… to be clear, the mouse cursor goes under the fullscreen button making it impossible to click. I tried switching from fullscreen to windowed mode, but to no avail.

There are eight puzzles, each taking about 2-3 minutes to complete. For the extremely impatient, there is also a skip button that auto solves the current image for you. In total, you can clear all content in about 20 minutes. The subsequent levels are repeats but with slightly smaller puzzle pieces.

There is a save button that only appears when in an active puzzle. This is important, because after exiting the game and reopening it, none of my progress was auto saved. It seems that unless you manually save, none of your progress will be retained.

Some of the art is good, some of it is not. If you’re unsure, check the screenshots on Steam as it shows almost all the included content. The music is unremarkable yet serviceable. All in all, My First Furry seems more like an exercise that an aspiring developer would create on their own time as a proof of concept. I wouldn’t recommend this title unless it was on sale, and even at that I would remain cautious.

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