My Days In Bel Air Review

My Days In Bel Air is an adult visual novel and adventure game where you’re sent to stay with your mother’s close friend, Mariam in Bel Air without much of a warning from your mother. From there your initial annoyance is forgotten the moment you arrive at Mariam’s luxurious house when you realise that you’ll be sharing a roof with 5 beautiful ladies.

As you begin to settle in with your new roommates, you slowly begin to uncover the truth in your current circumstance and also try to get cozy with your new roommates as you try to charm their hearts and win over them and plant the seeds in order to make this stay a fruitful one.

Play Rooms

The mansion and locations of the game are split into 10 areas: your bedroom, 5 of the women’s bedrooms, a bathroom, pool, living room and the kitchen. With the common areas including your bedroom open to visitation throughout the day, the other bedrooms are only available initially at certain hours of the day. The day is divided into 10 time slots for you to do interactions at the various locations.

In and Out

As the main goal is to get to know the ladies, you spend your day moving around the locations in order to interact with them where they can be found at different locations depending on the time of day and the day of the week. On certain days, you can only find certain characters around the house, So tracking each girl will get tricky and tedious due to the amount of timing available in the day and the locations that’s available.

Each girl will have some story beats to them. As their story begins to unfold, parts of the game will open up to you, you’ll be able to buy stuff online in order to progress each girl’s storyline. As you progress their story you will soon begin to earn money and buy other stuff which will help progress their stories.


The game will unravel more layers to it as you learn more about each girl, through their story and from which you will get closer to them and increase your “Appeal” rating towards them. Higher the appeal the easier it is for you to get to know them more intimately. 

Wrap It Up

The downside of this is it’s a grindy game. Getting the Appeal high enough and finding the right character with the right item at the right location at the right time in order to progress their story is tedious and too specific. So expect to go through the same encounters and dialogue over and over in order to increase your Appeal rating.

The art style is of the typical quality of the game of this ilk and is well made. For some reason the intimate animated scenes seem to have a slightly less of a quality compared to the non-animated stills. 

Final Thoughts

This is by all means this is a game that you may enjoy if you’re into this genre, there’s no major faults to it and is well made. Just be ready to grind through the same scenes in order to get to the end of the day to earn enough cash in order to buy the key that unlocks the chastity belt that’ll allow you to dive deeper in and reach the point of climax of each girl.

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