Isekai Succubus ~My Genderbent Saga in Another World~ Review

You’re a boy sent to another dimension into a girl’s body who turns out to be a succubus that needs semen to survive and is befriended by two prostitute succubi on a mission to defeat a demon lord that is making their other clients refuse to have sex with them. Sounds legit, right?

Well, let me tell you my friend… this joke of a game turned out to be… not that bad! As I progressed through the first few levels, I actually found myself enjoying this game! Isekai Succubus ~My Genderbent Saga in Another World~ is a dungeon crawler / visual novel mix, with some optional sexy time in the form of an external patch.

The VN portion of this game is actually good. The voice acting is studio quality. The art is very easy on the eyes. The English translation, by comparison to similar titles, is great. Once the patch is applied mosaic censorship is present, so beware if this is a deal breaker for you. The plot, while nowhere near Muv-Luv Alternative tier, is serviceable and got me from point A to point B without making me lose interest.

The gameplay is tile based first person dungeon crawling. You kill monsters, find loot, use skills and magic… the usual. They spent time on making it entertaining, and it didn’t feel like the filler I was expecting. The fights are engaging, auto mapping kept me from getting lost, and if you get bored you can jerk off monsters and collect some of that rare hair conditioner they don’t even sell at pricey salons.

What I didn’t enjoy was the timer. If you meet your objective within a certain amount of days, a bonus dungeon appears. I like to grind to the point of being overpowered and smash through content like a god, so this was not what I wanted to see. However, I ignored the timer and pressed on. I figure if its worth it I can do another playthrough with speed in mind.

This would be my only complaint. Neither plot, gameplay, nor titty scenes break any ground but they still all exceeded my expectations. All three areas of the game enhance one another, and I can definitely recommend a purchase to the undecided. Even without the adult patch, its a fun game with good dungeon crawling and a story that knows its stupid but wears that ridiculousness on its sleeve.

Purchase Isekai Succubus ~My Genderbent Saga in Another World~ on Steam!

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