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Incubus Express is an Adult 3D platformer where you play a Incuboi who recently opened his business, Incubus Express in the heart of Blooming Oasis to cater to the demand for adult toys of various monster girls of the town.

After setting up shop in the town of Blooming Oasis, you must first try to win potential customers over before they will buy your adult goods. Once that is done, what cums next is the opportunity to increase your relationship with said customers which will unlock future interactions where they will send you “steamy” text and invite you over for the night.

I’ve Seen You Before

 At the start what captures your attention is the graphical style or aesthetics of Incubus Express. One that resembles an early 2000s platform with its tone and charms. It plays as games of that genre in that time period, simple to understand and navigate with hidden corners that may be overlooked.

Go Here Take That

The gameplay loop works in a way where the plays will move around the map and search for items/resources that are needed to craft the adult toys for your customers. Some resources are available during the day and some during the night. Time is passable by either skipping it by going to the starting area of the game or by spending time with a character at the cost of some coin.

Easily Appeased

After harvesting the needed resources, you’ll then head to your shop (or another location) and at the crafting table you’ll craft one of 4 toys (dildos) that are requested by the girls (your customers). Craft the toys and turn them in and that’s it. That’s the whole gameplay loop.

Empty Soul

The missions you get comes from interacting with the 3 customers in the game. The story is brief and is not a strong suit. Feels like flavour text to just send you on another hunt around the map to the resources, hit F (to collect) and then go back to a crafting station, craft said item then head back to the girl.

Leaving You Flaccid

The adult scenes are filled with short awkward animations that clips and repeats (and speeds up) and ends faster than any person could last. Character models are stiff and there’s 3 positions that are random until you level your relationship enough with the girls in order to choose them when you spend time with the girls.

Final Thoughts

What started promising (subjective) with the charm and look of the game, it fizzles out very quickly as you travel around the empty town of Blooming Oasis that is filled with just 4 (5 at one point) characters. The layout and environment is just there to make navigation a little longer so you don’t complete your task in seconds. The story is lacking and you can trigger the ending by accident if you visit a location while on your exploration which will bug out the game and require a reload. Incubus Express feels incomplete that it should have been in the Early Access title as the developers mention that it is still a working title. For now it seems lacking in content, too simple and feels uninspiring, it’s best to wait and see if it progresses.

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