Charming Girls Review

Charming Girls really does seem like an appropriate name for this game. Although the game is not long, by any stretch, the puzzles were pretty nice in comparison to many titles similar to this. Most other games have a smaller grid where this game really branches out much further. In this game the pieces can be picked up and moved to anywhere on the board, much like a jigsaw puzzle, really reducing the amount of thought you have to put into getting the pieces where they need to be.

Despite the fact you do not have to think so much in terms of movement, the game does give a pretty good puzzle work formula in terms of paying attention to detail. Some of the puzzles’ pieces really blend in with one another forcing you to really seek out smaller details to figure out where they go, which is nice. You do not want the puzzles to be too easy, right?

Of course there is a secondary purpose for games like this, which we all are aware of, which in this regard, the game does very well with the art. Images in this title are really nicely done, and you even receive bonuses on certain puzzles once completed that give you varied versions of the image for your gallery. Everything is very anime driven in style, so anyone who likes that type of art direction will be pleased with the images provided

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a quick game to get some very mildly challenging puzzles with good art rewards, then you’ll be happy with this game. Keep in mind that this game is very short, though. There is also an added benefit here for those of the achievement hunter variety. Charming Girls totes tons of achievements, which provided little struggle to obtain to really pad those numbers.

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