Void’s Calling Episode 2 Review

Before I ever got a chance to play Void’s Calling, there was already a strong curiosity due to just how amazing the game looks. Visuals and animation in this title are on a whole different level in comparison to most of the adult games out right now. All of the characters’ models look absolutely stunning in detail, but also how they move without looking distorted. Technology and development techniques are getting very interesting, and this team of developers are on top of it.

After the initial draw got my attention and I was in-game, that curiosity grew into completely being sucked into the game.

There are a ton of adult targeted games out there that have no real substance and are more just an excuse for adult themes, but Void’s Calling is different. Within this title lies actual effort and a gripping story that had me very much interested in the characters and what would come next. As the game plays out, you are presented with choices, which do matter and I found myself actually caught up on what I should do at times.

Not only do you get a cast of unique characters and a plot worth investing in, but the world is very well presented as well visually and through the audio portions of the game. The music fits, the background noises fit and of course all of the scenery fits. The scenery is always unique and very fleshed out too.

Story and visuals aside, there are RPG elements here such as leveling, stats and turn based combat as well. Although these aspects of the game are not particularly very deep, they serve their purpose well and still add a light layer of depth to keep the player looking to progress more in strengthening the main protagonist, which most certainly will matter.

To earn extra currency, which you will need to move plot points forward at times or to upgrade your gear, you will find yourself completing quests or hunting monsters for vendor fodder. Of course as most RPGs have, the side fetch quests are here for this purpose as well, so I found it nice to stock up on any fetch quests I could get before going out to kill monsters.

Navigating the world of Void’s Calling is very fun and easy to do. You never know when you’re going to run into a new situation or event that could branch off into a new story arch. As this game is currently in early development still, I look very much forward to seeing more and more as time moves forward with development.

In the world of visual novel games, I most definitely feel like Void’s Calling is among the very top contenders. There is so much care applied to every aspect of the game and it is all around a very great experience. This is one you won’t want to miss out on or be disappointed with.

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