Virt-A-Mate (VaMX) review

Virt-A-Mate or VaMX for short, is an animation programme that focuses on adult centered or sex animation. It plays both on VR and desktop mode. What is covered here is solely based on the desktop mode.

VaMX as a adult animation application or simply put a sex simulator is one that is very comprehensive. The moment you boot it, you are presented with UIs that lets you get down to business to what you’re intending to do.

This may sound great on paper, however the problem right off is that everything is not user friendly if you’re coming into VaMX as a person with little to no technical understanding of how a application like this works. 

Paradise behind a mental wall

So unfortunately that is most of us and from there on it can be off putting. However, don’t let that initial first impressions put you off as what is behind a huge learning curve is one of the most comprehensive and extensive animation application that may be in the market, especially for the adult focused market.

Tinker and fondling required

Googling, tinkering, exploring, watching and reading some resources is required in order to fully (or at least to some degree) understand how VaMX works. It may take some time or it may take a long time but if you’re looking for an adult animation application then you will be grateful at the leg work you put in for VaMX.

A tit for tab

On the vamX UI, there are a number or tabs. Scene, Light, Pose, Action, Other, Sound, Female, Clothes & Hair, Male, 3some and Plugins. “Scene” is where you pick one of many scenes for the setting or environment. There’s a wide variation with some more well made and there’s others that are simply made for those with less powerful systems.

Strike or thrust your best pose

“Light” allows you to pick a lighting preset or adjust one on your own. “Pose” is probably will be the most used tab as it contains all the sex positions that are in VaMX. Positions are sorted out in a number of sections (some overlap). Here you can choose the type of interaction for a specific type, such as to play all poses with BJ moves and such.

Everything else that is important

“Action” is where you can adjust anything relating to thrusts. In “Other” you can create your own cycle of scenes with some specific details, add in sex toys, add-ons for bondage related stuff, pick non-sex animations, choose the facial mood, play out a preset story that will act them out and others. Also another extensive menu that will take most of your time. The other tabs are pretty direct in their name and all are well deep with resources for you to tinker around to bring out the best for your scenes.

Platform for all your desires

Like any other “foundation programme”, VaMX is basically a platform for users to upload their own works onto it. Think of it as NexusMods but for adult stuff and one that has an interface to see those mods in action. With that, VaMX’s hub as known as Vam Hub is where all the goodies are at. To open it in VaMX, simply click the “star” in the main UI and it’ll bring you to a whole new world of adult mods.

Something for everyone, include weird stuff

The community is rather well established with plenty of mods to keep you busy. New character faces (a number of well known faces on there if you’re wondering), new clothing, hairstyle, morphs, other scenes and many more.

Slow down or foreplay?

VaMX, as big as it is, does suffer from optimization issues. The programme doesn’t seem to follow your selected resolution choice but rather follows your desktop’s resolution if you’re playing in full screen mode. As it is an animation programme, it is resource heavy and uses plenty of it.

Playing on Medium on a 3070 system with 16GB RAM will no doubt chug it down quite a bit and may use up to 90% of your RAM. You will get some animation hiccups in VaMX as character models get stuck in positions as they are transitioning to a new position.

Final Thoughts

VaMX as a sex simulator is one of the most (if not the most) extensive and comprehensive application and has a depth of tools, customisations, resources and mods. With its top quality animation, most animation in scenes look very well made. Apart from the hiccups and big learning curve mentioned, everything else about VaMX excels at what it sets out to be.

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