Trinoline Genesis Review

Trinoline Genesis is a fandisc for the original game Trinoline, also available on Steam. It is highly recommended that you play the main story before making this purchase. This game adds three side stories for the main characters and adds routes for two side characters. Also be warned that this is the all ages version. You will need to install an external patch for adult content, and mosaics are present.

There is no overarching plot here, however they are all tied to Trinoline and heavily reference its story. When you start the game, you are given a list of the five characters to choose from. Each of these routes are self contained. The routes aren’t terribly long, but that’s okay. The goal here is to revisit the story and its characters. This is not a sequel.

Just like the prior entry, the art here is amazing. You’ll see background art that moves with the character, so when someone is walking objects will pass by and the scenery move with the conversation. Its a minor detail but adds a lot to the ambience and becomes very noticeable. The voice acting is animated through mouth movements and facial expressions, which you don’t see very often in visual novels.

They also kept the ability to change the default font, so if you’re playing on a small screen you can make adjustments to improve the text’s visibility. You’re also able to apply a drop shadow to increase text contrast. I occasionally stream VNs to my tablet, and plan on playing more on the upcoming Steam Deck. Features like this should make playing on a 7″ screen much easier.

My only concern is the pricing. If you loved Trinoline, then it shouldn’t be an issue. If you had reservations with the original you might want to wait for a sale. The current price tag is a bit high for supplemental content, although I would still recommend this to existing fans as this is likely the last content we will see from this series.

Purchase Trinoline Genesis on Steam!

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