Iku Iku Succubus Review

Iku Iku Succubus is an adult Visual Novel where after screwing up (around) with at work, leaves you with the consequence (more like reward) at playing host and educator to 2 Succubi in “training” where you’ll teach them the ways of humanity in a agreement that will mutually benefit mankind and Succubi or maybe steer the two kinds into something else that has yet to be unraveled.

Don’t Kid Yourself

Even though I mentioned it is an adult VN, Iku Iku Succubus is completely playable in vanilla story-wise. It is almost entirely clean/lewd-free in that regard where there’s no adult scenes or much mention about anything sexual (except the start). It plays fine if you’re solely into the clean story (like a weirdo) and goes on slightly less than 2 hours. Come on, who are you kidding? Let’s talk about the uncensored version.


Like some adult games on steam, to play the uncensored version requires the installation of the uncensored patch from the developer’s/publisher’s site. However, unlike those other games, there’s little or no obvious mention about it, so just take note that the patches are downloadable on Fakku’s site.

Same Destination, Different Sights

Story-wise the vanilla and uncensored version will go through the same beats. What differs is the uncensored version will have plenty of padding added onto it. What takes a short in-game day on the vanilla, will take double or more than the time required to get through in the patched version as the lewd scenes take center stage and will probably be the bulk of your game time. 

Both versions you’ll have some degree of choice to make but the patched version will provide with more choices for you to make.

A Work of Ara Ara

The artstyle and voice acting are clearly the strengths of the game as the characters are drawn nicely (if you know what I mean) and the voice acting added a huge degree of bringing the character’s to life, even if it’s the typical stereotype voice-wise. The voice actors in the vanilla gave 100% to the characters, however in the patched version it goes up to probably fivefold. That may be a great thing for most players who go in expecting some degree of it as the actors really acted out the scenes audio-wise. Personally it was a bit over the top for me and got hilarious rather than arousing.

It’s Just For Show

The gallery section where you can replay scenes and view photos is only applicable in the patched version with the vanilla version only showing “no data” even after you finished the game.

Final Thoughts

In all, if you are a fan of adult visual novels and are expecting one here, you will not be disappointed. The scenes for the acts are well drawn and acted so that it’ll get you into the headspace you planned on going and reward you with a climactic end, then continue on and on and on, like an endless wet dream that has you controlled by a succubi (your sexual urges). If you’re an ordinary player then the amount of padding during the adult scenes and over the top acting may not rub you the right way as intended.

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