Sunny Love Review

Sunny Love is a short visual novel by Byaka Games where you play a photographer who returns home to clear your head due to the lack of inspiration that makes you feel stuck at the progress of your work.

You play a photographer who returns back home after an unsuccessful  time away with regards to your love life and also job. You left home for college on an idealistic journey to chase after the girl you thought you love only for things to not work out. Somewhere down the line in the future what became the catalyst of you returning home for some fresh air is due to your “photographer’s block” that plagued you resulting in it affecting your work.

Upon returning you stumbled upon your old school mate named Maya who spends her free time cleaning up the beach. As she nudges you to help out, you begin to draw inspiration from her, a girl in beach wear on a beach. It’s as cliche as it can be and this continues up till the end of the less than 30 minutes short game.

To reward you for helping her out, Maya let’s you take photographs of her after you mentioned that she gave you back some inspiration for your photography work. From then on you begin to get closer and one thing leads to another and you will both bang, or not. Depending on your choice in the dialogue, not that there’s much of a choice. Each play through will either give you 2 or 3 dialogue choices, that’s all. 

Speaking about playthroughs, it takes 3 playthroughs to unlock all achievements and CG’s which are located at the main menu. That is where you can rewatch all the sexual encounters you had with Maya. 3 play throughs will take you 30 minutes tops to complete, so saying this is a shot visual novel is an understatement furthermore there’s no gameplay to it at all.


As a visual novel, there’s not much to write about the story as typically that’s where a VN’s strong point is at. Performance wise there’s no bugs or hiccups to mention about. There’s no animations, just CG stills and so little voice acting if that counts as one. But that’s all there is to it, too brief of a VN to recommend as 30 minutes for 3 playthroughs is just so short for you to get your money’s worth unfortunately.

If you still want to check Sunny Love out, Find it on Steam here!

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