Lust Colony Review: Science Fucktion

Lust Colony is a goofy adult dating sim that definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The game will both acknowledge and ignore sexual harassment. It’s not that big of a deal, though.

As for the basics – the art style feels very low-rent outside of the CG’s. This is pretty typical of the genre when the art is hand drawn, so I’m not inclined to really penalize the game for this. It definitely feels more like a Deviantart-quality in your standard screens, but the CG’s have a much higher-quality look. There’s a perpetual background soundtrack going on that I would call “space music”, if I had to give it a genre. It adds a light bit of character to the game, but you can adjust the volume of it (including turning it off entirely) if it’s not your thing. A very pleasant surprise is the inclusion of voice work. It doesn’t happen in every scene or for every character, but it’s a nice addition when it does. There’s no animation, but if I had to pick between flip book animation and voice work, I definitely would pick voice work every time.

This is literally the plot of an 80’s chart topper by J. Geils Band.

Lust Colony tries to spice things up with a bit of resource/time management mixed in with the visual novel aspects, and it works, though there’s definitely points where you only have one option to move the game forward. At no point do the management aspects get in the way of the story. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to fail the game entirely. In total, the game has four standard routes – a human woman, an alien woman, an alien man, and a futa catgirl, along with a couple side encounters. On the bright side, the four standard ones are very easy to pick, and it becomes relatively obvious when you’re getting on a route or avoiding it. On the other hand, that means that the game might be a little basic for people who really like to dig into games like these.

Sometimes there’s minor grammatical issues.

I really enjoy the overall tone of the game. The dev fully embraces “sci fi nonsense” and doesn’t try to make the narrative anything more than it is – a smutty game where sex is the point and everything else is just window dressing. The translation isn’t great – there’s more than a small amount of grammatical and spelling errors, but I never encountered a situation where it prevented me from understanding what was happening or being said. The only other minor complaint I have with the writing is that Lust Colony sometimes references the dev’s previous game, Lust Vessel. This results in jokes and comments that are just kind of puzzling at points. Until I realized what they were doing, I was certain that I had missed some bit of lore.

Other times, those errors are a bit more noticeable.

Lust Colony is one of those perfect “turn your brain off” style adult games. It’s not trying to be Shakespeare, and instead simply embraces its wacky premise. It’s just lighthearted fun, and I’m here for it. At $10 USD, it’s pretty much at a perfect price point as well. Lust Colony grades out as a B, for me.


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